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Welcome to Year 3 Class!

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Welcome to Year 3! (2016 - 2017)

Hello and welcome to Year 3's class page. This academic year, Year 3 will be taught and supported by Mr Klimiuk and Miss Panchani. We have a host of creative, engaging and thought-provoking activities planned for the year ahead and I would like to thank you for all your support in promoting your child's learning and hope that over the course of this year, we can together ensure that your child makes significant progress as they begin their journey through Key Stage 2.

Summer 2: All Things Bright and Beautiful



This half term the children will be exploring a variety of scientific topics including: the relationship between our eyes and light and that the sunlight can damage our eyes and what we can do to protect them; how the shape and direction of shadows changes dependent upon where the light source is; why lights reflects of surfaces; why plants need light in order to grow; the different parts of plants and the life-cycle of plants. In English, using Ricky Gervais’s creations: The Flanimals; as a hook into their learning, the children will be drafting an adventure story, creating their own Flanimal. In Mathematics, the children will be undertaking a variety of problems and challenges using a variety of measures: length, mass and volume, together with money and consolidating our knowledge and understanding of time. In Art and Design, the children will be researching famous artists and architects who use light and darkness or shadows effectively. The children will be using a variety of pencils and charcoal to reproduce their own versions of these images. In other subjects, in French, the children will be moving onto describe items of clothing and how we can describe what someone is wearing. The children will be exploring simple character descriptions in French.



Newsletter Summer 2


Forest School with Buckstones Primary: Linking Project

Each week, the children participate in a music lesson led by Oldham Music Service. The children are learning to read music and have been composing their own tunes on a variety of instruments.

World Book Day!


Today, for our celebration of World Book Day, the children dressed up as their favourite book characters. During the day, the children from Year 3 and Year 4 participated in a carousel of activities. In one the children had to act out one of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes; in another the children watched videos of Stephan Pastis drawing Timmy Failure and had to not only reproduce his drawings, but also devise their own characters. In the third (and this was very competitive) the children participated in a Harry Potter Quiz and in the final activity, the children made ooze, inspired from Roald Dahl's classic: James and the Giant Peach. What an entertaining, engaging and superb day! Well done to all and many thanks to all those parents who helped in making this such a special day!

Coding Workshop


On Monday 6th March 2017, Year 3 participated in a Coding Workshop. Robyn from ScratchmyPi came to visit us. Robyn's knowledge and fantastic equipment made this an unforgettable day. The children used Scratch to programme a series of traffic lights and used RGB lights to create 1 of 8 million possible colours. In the afternoon, the children wrote code to make robots move. A wonderfully memorable day. Many thanks, Robyn!

Coding Workshop: ScratchmyPi

World Book Day!


As part of the Oldham Schools Linking Project and together with Buckstones Primary, Shaw, Year 3 went to Castleshaw and participated in a variety of team-building exercises. I don't think anyone was expecting the weather to be so Arctic-like, but the children had a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging time, made many new friends and showed determination as they persevered with the freezing conditions. We even had a few nodding off on the way home!

Oldham Schools Linking Project: Buckstones Primary