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Autumn 2

This half term our topic is called 

'Woolly Mammoths and Courageous Folk'


I love this topic and learning about how people lived before us. These people had to live and survive off the land.  They moved a lot... we will investigate why! And if you apply our learning about the tectonic plates and the continents the land of the Earth looked slightly different and the weather was different too.  We will learn about where they lived, the food they ate, the tools they made, the houses they built and the clothes they wore.  Believe it or not - Stone Age people did not always live in a cave.


We will learn about the Stone Age to the end of the Iron Age.


In English we will write instructions for 'Washing A Woolly Mammoth' and then use this to write instructions on washing a different animal that lived in the stone age like a Sabre-toothed Cat!


For our English and Reading sessions, we will be using a range of books.  Here are a few of them:




After a few conversations during Parents Meetings I have uploaded some optional Mathematics and English tasks.  These tasks can be done as extra alongside the challenges.  I will add tasks each week that can be completed alongside the Homework Challenges.  Please upload anything you complete on to Seesaw.  Remember, to continue your reading and practice spellings everyday.  These tasks will help with the catchup work we are doing in school.