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Our focus this term will be Geography. In Year 4, we continue to build our geographical vocabulary. We focus on the whole of the UK and name and locate other cities from across the UK, identifying both physical and human features. The children will learn about the different geographical regions and their identifying what makes each region ‘unique’. They will learn about the different biomes, climate ones, vegetation belts, rivers and mountains of the UK. 


Year 4 children will also understand the water cycle and its impact on the human and physical Geography of the UK. 


We will be enjoying the Nowhere Emporium in our whole class reading sessions. 


In our writing, we will write to SeaWorld to express our concerns over Orca's being kept in captivity before then helping Sir David Attenborough with some descriptive explanations to use in Planet Earth 3. 


In maths, we will focus on place value before applying our knowledge to focus on the four calculation methods.


Should you have any questions or queries, please come and see one of the Year 4 teaching team.