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Week 4

Year 6 has been buzzing this week with the sound of learning!

We are managing to incorporate Espanol into our everyday classroom language and are really making progress. To give the class more confidence and to support them in their journey through school and work we have been encouraging different children to stand up in front of the class and take the register, this has also brought the confidence of some children on in leaps and bounds. 


We had an amazing visitor in school for the whole day on Tuesday who brought in an incredible amount of artefacts relating to World War 2.  There was super learning taking place and the children loved trying on all the clothes and handling items they never thought they would never touch. 

The learning in their books the following day demonstrated what an amazing day they had.


In writing we have been publishing our 'Beyond the Lines' texts which are soon to be sent off to the Literacy Shed and judged by the man who created the website. 


Finally in maths we have done a great job bravely tackling negative numbers. 


Next week it's Robinwood :)