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Our Roving Reporters this week are Harvey & Eve


This week in year 6 we have been working really hard on our maths. We have tackled long division which at first we found tricky but are now feeling more confident at. We also braved some challenges and realised they were not too bad after all!

We have also been working on our diary entries where we have been writing about being evacuated as a child in World War 2. We then did a new thing where we had to imagine we were stopping at different train stations to edit different aspects of our writing.

We have been learning about remembrance day where we have found out about poppies and other interesting things.

In Forest school we made stretchers imagining we were injured and stuck on a battlefield in a foreign country.

Finally on Road Safety day we learned about how to keep safe on the roads and were able to identify lots of hazards.

We can’t wait until next week ! :)