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Week 6

On Monday, we received a letter from Chadderton Police, explaining that lots of members of the police force were off ill and they needed our help to catch Captain Blackbeard. We have been busy making wanted posters,writing messages to put in a bottle and  building  traps to capture Blackbeard. We have been very  busy already! 

Here are a few pictures of the children completing the tasks set by Chadderton Police. 

On Tuesday, we were shocked to discover that some of our dinosaurs were MISSING! Who could have done it? Has Captain Blackbeard been back? We decided to lay out a trap, so we sprinkled out flour on the floor before going home to see if anyone would walk through it and  leave footprints. 


On Wednesday morning, we rushed in to see if anything had happened?! To our surprise, there were large, sandy footprints in the flour with a map that must have been dropped? The footprints went all the way around the unit. When we opened the map up, we realised it was Blackbeard's Treasure Map!! We couldn't believe it?! Would it lead us to the treasure that had been stolen from us last week? We wanted to follow the map straight away but knew we needed to ask permission off Mrs Bingham first (Hopefully she will say yes)



On Friday we really enjoyed dressing up and having a pirate party to finish our topic on pirates. We had some party food and played pirate games. It was so much fun! Mrs Conway and Mrs Bingham gave us their permission to follow the treasure map . We were very eager to get started! The rain started to come down quite heavily but that didn't stop us pirates! We ventured out together, following the map carefully. Along the way we had to look for a key and we found a spade! Finally we found X marks the spot. Using the spade, we dug into the ground. There was a box that said Captain Blackbeard on the front. Using the key we found on the route, we opened the box. Inside was our treasure and our dinosaurs!! We were so happy to have them back! 


This week we have  been thinking about how to be safe online. We looked at a story of Smartie the Penguin. Smartie received a tablet for his birthday. In the story he faces  different situations such as random adverts popping up, and children being mean to someone whilst playing a game online. We discussed what Smartie should do in each scenario and how it is always very important to tell an adult and ask them for help.  


Thank you to this weeks Secret Reader. The children loved listening to the story. If you are interested in being a Secret Reader please speak to a member of the Early Years Team. 


Hope everyone has a lovely and safe half term. We will look forward to seeing you all when we get back.