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Week 2 W/C 9.9.19

Wow, what a brilliant second week we have had in year 2! 


We have been working on capital letters and full stops. We have learnt it through song and it has really helped them. They can now identify, independently, that a capital letter is needed at the beginning of every sentence. We have also been identifying that capital letters are for proper nouns and they are names of people, places or special objects. 


In our maths this week, we have been partitioning. We have been working so hard on this and have made really good progress already which is fantastic. We have our tools in order to help us and know that we can use them all the time. 


In our topic, we have learnt lots of interesting things about Alan Turing! We have learnt that Alan went to a boarding school, was able to crack the German Code using a universal machine he designed in World War 2 and lots more. If you ask the children I'm sure they can give you lots and lots of facts! We have been amazed by how much they have remembered day to day on this and have taken such an interest. 


Please find below this weeks homework and spellings. 


Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Harris