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Week 4 updates

This week the children have finished publishing their non-chronological reports. They have produced some lovely writing and worked really hard on their editing skills to improve their work. Towards the end of the week, we started to look at diary entries and a WAGOLL, which the children unpicked and were able to magpie ideas from. They even spent some time acting out a section of our book to understand the events that happened and how a character would be feeling. 


In our maths, we have finished our area and perimeter topic and are moving onto multiplication and division next week. They've done a fantastic job as they didn't find this topic particularly easy but we are going to keep revisiting it, during our early morning challenge. 


Topic this week, we started to look at Manchester in more detail. We have introduced some geography links into our learning and will be using the iPads and atlases over the next couple to help us understand our local area in more detail. On Wednesday, they looked at Lowry paintings and have started to create their own Lowry pieces of work.


Thank you for all your support with  the reading homework, we are starting to notice a big difference and it really is contributing to their reading and writing. 


Have a good week!


Mrs Walker & Mr Webster