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Week 3 was a very musical week!

Well the hi-light of week 3 was our stunning performance at the Oldham Music Festival on Wednesday. Thank you to all the children who were so, so brave getting up on stage and putting on a great performance.  To think that they had never played a clarinet before September just shows what a brilliant class we have!!! We would like to thank all the parents and carers who attended and cheered us all on. An extra big thank you needs to go to Miss Woodworth who works with the children each Tuesday morning to teach them the clarinet and help build their confidence. Please have a look on the school Facebook page for some photographs!


We have continued to become inventions experts this week in our reading into writing as we have began to draft our explanation texts. We have seen some very interesting facts and hoovers, toasters and even rubbish trucks. The children are much more confident in their writing and are showing off everything they have  been learning in Year 4


Time has been the word of the week in our maths learning. Some of us find this a bit tricky but this hasn't stopped us as our confidence has grown this week. We have been creating dances and tackling some tricky problems. All the children should be proud of themselves as we have been thinking of the 'power of yet!'


Well the classroom was a sight to behold on Tuesday afternoon as the children became experts in inventions linked to modern medicine. Mr Webster had a brilliant time in his lesson where the children starting trepanning an egg!!! From this, they then looked at developments in medicines over time and it was astounding how many chilli-challenges the children got through in one lesson. It was amazing (even though it was a bit smelly!!)


Please have a look on the main class page for two letters we are sending out about Fortnite and the impact this is having in class. We are kindly asking for your support to help us deal with this. 


Today we are taking part in the Great Get Together which the School Council has organised. Why not ask the children how it went and what was involved? 


A big thank you to the whole of Year 4 who are the Stars of the Week this week after their brilliant performance on Wednesday. We are so very proud of you all!!!


We hope you have a lovely weekend in the sunshine!!


Mrs Bingham and Mr Webster