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Week 3

Independent Learning Challenges

Nando's Homework

Your child should have brought home their Nando’s Homework.  This homework can be completed in any way that suits your child and your family time constraints.  They could draw or paint a picture, make a scrap book, complete a piece of writing, research on the internet or at the library…..anything! 

  Any completed homework can be returned to school by Thursday 13th December so that we can share all the lovely work.

Can a polar bear eat a penguin?


Year 1 love a big question, and this week we've been thinking about a whole world of them.  We started the week by reading the beginning of the wonderful book "Lost and Found" by Oliver Jeffers.  Boy takes his new found friend Penguin back to where he is from....the South Pole.  What would we take on the journey we wondered?  We also thought about Penguin's feelings, and our big questions encouraged Year 1 to produce some fabulous writing.   We can't wait to read the rest of the book, and Miss Poll had to stop (quite a few) children from taking a sneaky peak!

  To answer our polar bear and penguin question we had a good look at the globe.  Year 1 found out about the 2 poles and the equator, and know exactly where we can find polar bears and penguins.  

    Next week we are really looking forward to being intrepid explorers.  To help us, Miss Buckley has arranged a very special "Me Time" bag filled by a famous explorer from the past!


The weather this week has certainly been good for polar bears with the Arctic chill that has settled over us.  Lets hope it stays dry for the weekend though!  Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all next week.