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Welcome to Nursery's Wonderful Work

Here you will discover the Fun-tastic work that we do in Nursery.

Please feel free to have a peek at Nursery's Learning Wall in the EYFS cloakroom for more. 



Enterprise Week  


It is great to BEE in early years! smiley


A massive well done to the children for their efforts this week. We designed and produced hundreds of key rings, badges, tea lights and worked in teams to make slates. All the children participated and it was great to see how much enthusiasm and pride they had taking part.

It was fantastic to see so many people supporting the children and thank you for all those who purchased their creations. The money raised will be spent on a treat in the last week of term. 







The Seaside

The academic year is coming to an end and the summer holidays are getting closer. With this in mind, Nursery have decided to explore the Seaside.  We have learnt how to stay safe in the sun, sang many holiday themed songs and explored the various things we may see at the seaside. Take a look at the delicious ice creams we made...



The Mobile Farm


Earlier on in the year the children did a sponsored run to raise money towards a mobile farm visiting school. They really enjoyed exploring the different animals and were very excited to speak about them. We put a Mathematics twist on the visit and the children's language was excellent. They confidently explained the size of the animals using vocabulary such as 'big, bigger biggest' and 'small, smaller smallest'. We counted how many ears, feet and noses the animals had and then extended the learning by answering questions such as, 'If there are two rabbits in the basket, how many ears are in the basket altogether?' Well done Nursery!


Race for Life.


A massive well done to Nursery for completing the Race for Life. The children really 

tried their best and made us very proud at Whitegate End. Thankyou to everyone who sponsored.

Captured Moments...


Dina's cousin Brian has been to visit Whitegate End Nursery. He left a lot of mess and some dinosaur eggs!



Whilst we waited for the eggs to hatch we enjoyed different dinosaur activities. Take a look..



It's time to fly...

Still image for this video
Nursery decided that the butterflies should be released so they can explore the world.

Fun Run!

What a fantastic day!!

A massive well done to Nursery and Reception for completing the fun run and a BIG thank you to the sponsors!







After weeks of patiently waiting, our caterpillars have transformed into beautiful butterflies!

We followed instructions carefully and gave them sugar water and fresh flowers.frown




Still image for this video
We were lucky enough to see a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon.

Wonderful Work 

Mark Making 




Number Lines and Measuring Height





What a fun afternoon with Nursery and Reception working together on a spring hunt.

We managed to tick off the majority of our checklists, including a magical squirrel that could only be seen by a few frown


Our class caterpillars have now built their cocoons and are beginning the transformation into butterflies.

We have moved the cocoons into the butterfly garden and Nursery are 

fantastic at being gentle and quiet during this precious time.


I'm Special 

This week a visitor came with a big bus and a giraffe!

We spoke about how to take good care of ourselves to help us grow healthy and strong.

As always, Nursery were on top form answering questions and sharing health tips.



I'm Special

Still image for this video

Dino's Baby has hatched!


How exciting... After six weeks taking care of Dino's egg we finally get to meet her little boy Bartholomew. 


Tiny Turtle Tim


During Phonics, Nursery's Box of Songs, Mrs McDonald chose to sing Tiny Turtle. To our Surprise she pulled 

a REAL Turtle out of the box! We discussed where he lives, what he eats, we stroked him and decided to call him Tim.




We have been watching our caterpillars closely. We

are super excited to announce that they have began to cocoon!sad 





The 5 hungry caterpillars are getting even bigger!

Still image for this video


We have been busy bees in Nursery. We have had a fantastic time exploring many activities including writing our own

story "The Very Hungry Children", weighing our snack, painting symmetry butterflies, exploring colour and

developing our skills to care for each other and our environment. 


We enjoy finding other ways to mark make...



We can play ring games, follow instructions and take turns. 



Five very hungry caterpillars have come to Nursery... 


They may be small at the moment but keep checking this webpage to watch how they transform.





How would you describe the way the caterpillars move?

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We have been reading Jasper's Beanstalk and learning about how plants grow. We have been mark making, labelling, measuring, comparing and even planting real beans to explore how they grow. 






Learning about plants has inspired us to open our very own Florist role play area...

At the Florist we care for plants, write shopping lists, order plant pots and explore our imaginations. 




Growth Mindset Dance Class

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Nursery were very lucky to have a visitor come to school and teach a Growth Mindset Dance! We learnt different dance moves, how to warm up / cool down and we even had the chance to do a solo freestyle! 




Growth Mindset Dance Workshop

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An Easter Story


Revd Leaf came to Nursery to share an Easter story. We learnt about Jesus' journey and some of us played different roles.





After learning so much about Easter we made some delicious cakes to take home and share with our friends and family.






This week we have ventured into the yard  with Mr Butterworth for... 

Nursery's first day at Forest School!



We found natural objects, made mud soup, went log climbing and explored the outside environment.







frown Splashing into Spring! frown


Spring is beginning and we had a great afternoon exploring the new water equipment in the sun!











The Jolly Postman has asked Nursery for help! Mysterious letters have been left for us to deliver and special tasks have been set. Carefully, we followed the trails to different locations! We had some exciting challenges like finding the ingredients for a magic potion. As you can see we have had a great time helping the postman and hope to go on more adventures soon!





St Patrick's Day 

We have had a fantastic day learning about why people celebrate St Patrick's Day and made lucky green hats to wear.





World Book Day 


We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up and reading a variety of Julia Donaldson books including The Gruffalo and The Stickman. There were a variety of exciting activities to explore and we also took part in drop everything and read. The EYFS team would like to thank everyone for the hard work put into the fantastic costumes!




There is a new Police Station in town... 


We have been reading Burglar Bill and decided to make a police station to help people and keep safe. In our police station we wear police uniforms, explore fingerprints and design Wanted posters.



We were very surprised when a real policeman came to visit. We saw the different equipment that police use 

including a camera, gloves, handcuffs, torch and a truncheon (which one of the children thought was a selfie stick).  He also let us try on his hat and Mrs McDonald got handcuffed!



We were shocked to discover that Burglar Bill had been in our classroom. Luckily, we had learnt how to stay safe and reported the crime straight away. When the coast was clear we explored the scene, found the clues and came up with some fantastic explanations.



cheeky Pancake Day cheeky


Yum, it's Pancake Day and we have had a fantastic time preparing, cutting and tasting pancakes.



We also did a sponsored pancake toss which was tricky but a lot of fun.




Run Run As Fast As You Can...

What an exciting few weeks! We have been very busy reading The Gingerbread Man.

We made our very own Gingerbread house, got messy making fresh dough and 

take a look at how good our counting and mark making is...  








Afterwards we read a similar story called The Runaway Pizza. The story inspired us to make shape pizzas and

we couldn't resist eating some too!







Happy Year of the Rooster!


We celebrated the Chinese New Year with a lot of music, dancing and singing. We did Chinese writing, made lanterns and tasted some prawn crackers. We learnt about the colour red bringing good luck, the legend of the Nian monster and the traditional preparations for the Chinese New Year celebrations. What great fun we have had!



Our Class Dragon! 

We spent all week designing a Chinese Dragon. It took a lot of concentration to collage his face.

We feel so proud of our dragon we are offering credits to the winner who can think of a name for him!



Chinese New Year - Drumming 1

The Nursery children created some fantastic Lion Dance music to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year - Drumming 2

Chinese New Year - Drumming 2

Snow White

When we heard this traditional story we used our words to describe Snow White and the Queen. Nursery became magical with poison apple potions and talking mirrors. We spoke about who we considered as the 'fairest of them all'. We also created some magical apples and did math challenges on the IWB. Finally, we discussed snow, ice and frost in the winter and different animals that prefer cold weather.



The Three Billy Goats Gruff 


We worked hard building bridges to reach the tasty grass. We also compared the different sizes of the goats. Which goat is the biggest? Which is smaller? These questions also helped us with our story mapping.

We had a lot of fun painting  the character masks. We used different props to perform and retell the story on stage! 


When the Snowmen came to visit...

Still image for this video
We could not believe what had happened when we found piles of snow on Nursery's carpet. We discovered a mysterious video that revealed something incredible... Two snowman had been in our classroom to look for their friend. This encouraged us to investigate who and where their friend might be. I wonder they managed to find him?


Inspired by the snowmen in our classroom, we have been counting snowman buttons!

Elf on the Shelf

A special box had arrived and inside was an Elf! Whilst we were completing our safety checklist, we found that he was in a situation that was very unsafe. Elf had been eating snack and spilt milk all over the table and floor. We helped to make our classroom safe again by tidying up and putting Elf back on the Shelf. I wonder what he will do next?



Creating a Maths Game

Paper + Counters + Animals = our very own Maths game! 

In Nursery we enjoy developing our understanding, teamwork and speaking and listening skills. We take turns as the team leader, agree on the rules and then enjoy our very own, unique maths game.  



Our Gallery

We have been getting messy whilst creating our masterpieces. This is our gallery to put up the work that we feel proud of. 



Maths at the Movies

We watched The Wizard of Oz, spoke about the yellow brick road then discovered it had a repetitive pattern. Some

of us made our own brick road in the construction area and others used shiny gems or pompoms to make a repetitive pattern.




We found various objects within the classroom that were yellow, green, blue and red. Then, we ordered them into

repetitive patterns. Can you spot some of the objects that we found?




To celebrate Harvest we planted potatoes in the ground, baked delicious bread, made soup and then had a feast! We 

learnt all about why we celebrate Harvest, discussed a variety of food and where it comes from. 





Incy Wincy's Visit to Whitegate End

When Incy Wincy came to our Nursery he left spider webs and slime everywhere! We did a variety of activities including counting spiders, looking after a REAL spider and making our very own spiders. We were very gentle and kind to Incy and his friends.  





Walking Through The Jungle

Our  Jungle book  has inspired our classroom activities this week. We enjoyed leaving animal footprints, making jungles in the play dough (with broccoli)  and creating jungle scenarios in the small world area.

We were extremely good at making all the jungle noises! 



Drop Everything and Read!

To promote how much we love to read at Whitegate End, we stopped what we was doing and began to read every time the bell rang! We discovered a lot of different books in the library and had a great time talking about them.