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I Am An Author Week - Feb 2013

I Am An Author Week 4th Feb - 8th Feb 2013
Even though we have been practising for our assembly, we have been fully enthused by this weeks activities:

Monday - visit from author Damien Harvey, where we had opportunity to listen to his stories and asks questions as to how he himself, had become an author.
Wednesday - paired reading with Year 3.  This was fantastic!  Half of Year 6 paired up with half of year 3 and vice versa, reading to each other, questionning each other on their stories and most importantly, finding out about books other children like to read and why.

Thursday - Miss Murphy (supply teacher) read a story to our class, sharing one of her most favourite books.

As well as all of this, throughout the week, we have been working hard on a publication (sort of like a magazine) about being an author and other elements linked to reading.  I hope you like the finished product that we sold on Friday.