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Week 3!

Another busy week!


We have been writing about sea turtles! (Finnley)

We have been writing reports! It was challenging! (Aymen)

We have been learning about tally charts! (Ruben)

We have been learning facts about sea turtles. (Lily-Grace)

We've been looking at pictures of sea turtles. (Lucy)

We were learning about the 7 continents - we saw a amazing youtube video! (Jacob)

In our forest school we have been designing and making clay fish! (Coden)

We have been starting to look at our new guided reading book - "The day the crayons quit!" (Macie)

We have loved watching the sea turtle song video! (L'mae)

We have been learning about micro-habitats! (Emme)

We did our sea turtle plans! (Billy)

We have been counting in 2's! (Erin)

We had swap shop! (Bella)