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Week 6

We had a more normal week this week (whatever normal is!). Year 4 had a final transition morning to Year 5. I think a lot of their worries about next year have disappeared and that they are looking forward to a new challenge.

We spent some time on money in Maths and I think you can trust your children to do the Maths for basic shopping. Children don't always see money being used on a day to day basis anymore, as lots of us use cards and bank transfers for convenience, so if you do get the chance, allow your child to handle some real money and do some shopping.

In English, we have been writing explanations and linking it to the topic on inventions, so the class have been busy creating ideas and writing explanations about how they work.

You will receive your child's report this Friday and I hope I have managed to give you a picture of some of their strengths and areas to work on and their own comments are revealing about their reflections on the year. Please come to Parent's  evening on Tuesday if you think I can help you further.