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Week 4

This week has been very busy for Year 1! 


In maths, the children have been  introduced to using a ten frame and how it can be used to count numbers accurately. The children know we have to start at the top left hand side. We have also used the ten frames to solve number problems. 


In English,  the children have blown me away when writing their lost posters for Bagpuss. They  were able to construct their own sentences including appropriate adjectives and used beautiful handwriting. Hopefully the lost posters will help and we will find Bagpuss soon!  


In science the children went on a material hunt around the classroom. They looked for items made out of metal, wood, plastic and fabric. We then grouped the items into the properties they were made from. It was lots of fun!



In the next lesson, we described how different objects felt, if they were hard, smooth, soft or bumpy. The children were surprised to find out that the objects could be grouped as more than one of these descriptions. It made for an interesting discussion. 


In history, the children compared the toys they played with as a baby and toys they played with now. We discussed how they were different and how different toys were more appropriate for different ages. 


The children are still enjoying  P.E. lessons with Mr Musgrove and are much quicker at getting changed into their P.E. kits. Well done everybody!  Here are a couple of photographs from this weeks session. 


The Nandos homework has now been uploaded onto Seesaw. Thank you to everyone for using your codes to sign up. Your child has until the end of this half term to complete the homework. If you have any trouble please don't hesitate to ask. 


Rainbow Challenges for next week

Hope everybody has a lovely weekend! See you all on Monday!