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Another week has flown by!


Year 6 again have been putting in an amazing effort this year in preparation for their SATs. 


We have completed grammar and Maths treasure hunts, created lots of WAGGOLs, taken part in a quiz and many other team challenges. We know the children will do amazing and all we ask is that they do their best. We have shared the following messages with the children this week: 


On Monday you will start sitting your SATs tests. You have worked so hard all year and had a smile on your faces since September. Next week is nothing to be afraid of, it is only a piece of paper of which you have seen many times before. All we ask is that you do your best, stay calm and show off how absolutely fantastic you are!


These tests are important however they do not show what amazing talented pupils you are in other things eg: sport, drama, music (even joke telling) etc and we can’t wait to see all these talents flourish during the rest of the term.


Myself, Mrs Tierney and Mr Houghton will be proud of you whatever the outcome as long as you do your best.


This weekend relax, do what you normally do and have some fun J. If you do want to do some revision, don’t overdo it.


Make sure you go to bed early on Sunday night so you are nice and fresh for Monday and the week ahead.


See you on Monday morning from 8am ready to fill your bellies and give your best!