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Year 4 Autumn Spellings

Learn your Year 4, Medium Frequency Words here!

Term 1: ask(ed), began, being, brought, can't, change, coming, didn't, does, don't, found, goes, gone, heard,I'm, jumped, knew, know, leave, might, opened, show, started, stopped, think, thought, told, tries, turn(ed), used, walk(ed)(ing), watch, write, woke(n).
Term 2: almost, always, any, before, better, during, every, first, half, morning, much, never, number, often, only, second, sometimes, still, suddenly, today, until, upon, while, year, young.
Term 3: above, across, along, also, around, below, between, both, different, following, high, inside, near, other, outside, place, right, round, such, through, together, under, where, without.
 (Try and learn these to the best of your ability and you'll be flying!!!!!:)