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Week Four

This week we have collected some pupil voice from the children about what our super year 2 children have enjoyed this week:


I have enjoyed doing a setting description about the beach. (Max)

I have enjoyed learning my times tables in maths. (Aadam)

I have enjoyed my phonics sessions this week. (Sebastian)

I liked doing a carousel in the afternoon and doing my James and the Giant Peach handwriting. (Cole)

I liked doing the lucky dip in the carousel and using my connectives in sentences. (Jaycie)

I enjoyed maths when we put tricky numbers on the number line. (Isabel)

I liked writing my letter to Santa. (Louie)

I liked the afternoon carousel. (Evie)

I enjoyed learning my times tables. (Caitlyn)

I enjoyed practising for our Christmas show in the hall. (Lucas)