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Week 2

Week 2 updates - Anti-Bullying week


This week we started off with our Monday assembly introducing Anti-Bullying Week, which the focus this year is choosing respect - thank you to everyone who took part in odd socks day on Monday. The children had the opportunity to discuss and interpret what the word RESPECT means to them and we recorded this on an extremely large piece of paper. (picture below). Thank you cards were handed out randomly and all the children have written messages which  highlight when they have spotted the person being respectful this week.


The Big School Swim

The children received reach and rescue training as part of this government initiative. They followed instructions from the swimming teacher of what to do when finding themselves in an emergency situation involving water. They had fun shouting commands to each other and trying to rescue one another.


Planning for 'Take Over Day' has started in Year 5. The children have all written letters this week, to apply for the job role which they want to take over. They are all very excited and can't wait to find out what role they will be doing. Next week they will be spending time, planning, arranging meetings and printing resources all ready to take over on Friday 23rd November. We cannot wait to see how amazing they will be running the school! frown


Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs Walker & Mr Webster