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Our Roving Reporters this week are: Georgie & Jeyda 


This week has been soooo busy as usual! In Maths we have been working on multiplication trying lots of different challenges, from mild to spicy hot! In literacy we have been writing diary entries in the style of Jeff Kidneys Diary of a Wimpy kid about our amazing trip to Robinwood, they are looking great!  We have done a lot of work on up leveling our sentences and making our writing better (we have even done some daft GPS songs). In our topic we have been learning about 'War of the Worlds' and what it was like to be involved in WW2 linking to our formal diary entry about being evacuated to the country. 


Our topic is so interesting, even Coco the monkey has been dropping in and around the classroom. We have also been doing some poetry about the Blitz. In RE we have been learning about Jewish customs linked our guided reading book 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas', we are all biting our nails because Mr Scott keeps leaving it on a cliff hanger until next time. It's about a German family with a horrible sight at their new home, there are lots of connections with Hitler and we don't think dad is a good person. 


I'm sure there will be many more surprises next week !

Jeyda and Georgie 



On Friday we came to school dressed up as members as the emergency services to raise money for a school defibrillator. We also received CPR training from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue service, teaching us essential skills that could one day be used to save someones life. 

Emergency services day !