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Week 2

In guided reading this week we have started the Book 'Alex Ryder Stormbreaker' by Anthony Horowitz. The first couple of chapters have caused lots of gasps around class and resulted in lots of different theories about what might happen next. In maths we have bravely been tackling fractions including addition and subtraction, multiplication and division . In writing we have been very excited to start a piece of writing based on the music video Titanium by David Guetta. We will be working on this throughout the next few weeks making sure that we include any GPS that we have been focusing on this term. 

This week in Spy School we started to look at famous mountains around the world. We know as spies we can be sent on location at any second and our knowledge of surroundings is paramount to our survival. We ordered famous mountains in order of size using our knowledge of measures in maths before presenting our INTEL in the form of a double page spread. MISSION - to be continued... 


We also completed a 7 minute writing challenge. We looked at an image and had to get our creative ideas going to write a story. Sharing our ideas worked a treat as this helped us think about what we needed to include. We then wrote our stories on the tables so our friends could read all our hard work. We are going to continue to do this to help build up our writing skills and not be afraid to just have a go. MISSION SUCCESSFUL!