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Summer 2 - Urban Scene

Important dates this half term:

18th June - Sport visit to The Radclyffe School
25th June - Castleshaw visit (linking project)
The 'Zap' Graffiti visitor will now be coming to school on Wednesday 16th July!

The children have been researching skate parks this half term. They went on a walk to Princess Park to find out where abouts they would like to place their skate park, they then came back to class and worked with partners to sketch, design and make their skate park from different materials. Take a look at the photos below to see how the children have worked together and what they have come up with!

Year 5 continued their link with children from 2 other schools during their linking project to Castleshaw visit. They were involved in lots of exciting activities throughout the day! The children were reluctant to talk to the other children to begin with but soon eased in and by the end they had all made new friends!  The children really impressed us with their ability to work as a team during their orienteering activity.