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Week 2 updates

The children have had a really busy week this week! 


It has been anti-bullying week and the theme has been 'respect'. We have been looking at what the words means to us, why it is so important, how we can show respect and how sometimes we could show disrespect. The children have really enjoyed working hard on this, looking at the word and sharing their ideas and interpretations of the word too. 


In our writing this week, we have been researching rainforests for our own information booklet. The children have been really engaged with this topic and using the ipads to carry out their own research. 


In our maths we have been securing our number bonds and being able to recall them quickly. We 'married' the numbers off to eachother which really helped! Next week, we are going to move onto addition so our number bonds should help us! 


The children are absolutely loving our current topic this half term , they have been so engaged already and I can see the pieces of work they are going to produce are going to be amazing! 


Have a lovely week

Mrs Harris