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Week 1

Well what a busy first week!


We began with our WOW starter, a freezing and melting investigation. We mixed together different solutions, pre-boiled water, salt water, water with food colouring and lemonade. We had to predict what the solution would look like once it was frozen. We also had to make observations when we were mixing the solution.  We then had a look at the frozen results. We were shocked to see that some of the ice had cracked and the blue food colouring had settled on the top and the bottom of the ice. 


In our Maths work we have continued to work on our multiplication and division skills. We had remembered lots of skills from before Christmas, which is fantastic! 


In writing we have completed our assessed pieces for our persuasive letters. To fit in with the recent stories on the news of the bush fires in Australia, we thought it would be a good idea to write some persuasive letters to ask people to donate or spread the news about the fires and how they are affecting life for people and animals in Australia. We were shocked at some of the statistics and facts that we learned. 


Well done Year 4 for a fantastic week! 


Have a lovely weekend, 


Miss Benbow