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Week 3

In our week this week, we have been writing our draft letters to Mrs Harris to choose the lucky 6 that are going to attend the science fair! We have been using our persuasive language, writing in paragraphs, marking out our paragraphs clearly by either indenting or leaving a line! We are really showing our tools! 


In maths this week we have been continuing our work on fractions. This week our focus has been fractions as decimals and finding fractions of an amount. We were really surprised to realise we could do it by the methods we already know with division! 


We have been watching our cress grow in class and planting some peas and tomatoes. We also as part of our topic, we dissected tulips. We were able to explore the features of the flower and came up with lots of questions. We were really surprised to see that inside the stem it was wet! 


We have been really enjoying our guided reading book 'the boy who grew dragons' by Andy Shepherd! 


Everyday, we have continued with our daily times table tests - we are getting some fabulous scores! We have been practising our 6 times tables and these will be introduced next week in our test!