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Week 5

Independent Learning Challenges

Fabulous Week Five


It has been such a busy week again in Year 1.  We have loved thinking about teddy bears, and we applied our understanding of old and new to order teddy bears from oldest to youngest.  In maths our understanding of place value is really developing and we have used our reasoning skills to explain problems about counting forwards and backwards, and one more or less.  One of our science challenges took us outside to identify materials that objects are made of, and to describe their properties.  Finally we finished reading Dogger.  Year 1 produced some lovely writing that explained Dave's feelings when he lost Dogger, but we were all very relieved to read the happy ending!


Next week we will need the help of grandparents, as we have a very big question to think about!    Look out for a questionnaire for grandparents in your child's book bag.   We need to know who played with the best toys!


Have a lovely weekend, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday.


The Year 1 Team