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Wow !! Another busy week has flown by with as usual some amazing learning from our year 6's.


In maths we have been looking a reflection, translation and rotation by moving different shapes around a 4 quadrant grid. We are also now much more confident in plotting coordinates. 


In literacy we have continued to work on our narratives based on the music video 'Titanium'. They look amazing and the pupils have tried really hard to include all the requirements of a year 6 piece of writing. 


In guided reading both staff and pupils are really enjoying the book 'Wonder', the empathy, discussion and inference used when discussing the book as a group is excellent as well as being lots of fun!


We have undertook a number of missions as part of the next part of our spy school training, on Monday afternoon we had to use our maths skills to unlock padlocks, to do this we had to work as a team and use skills such as resilience, determination and knowledge of maths. Our next mission was during forest school to create a training course to test the fitness and endurance of other recruits. They were closely supervised by Agent Houghton and Agent Butterworth .


Finally, in science we have been learning all about the circulatory system including, breathing, the lungs and the heart. This is of course vital when you are a secret agent acting on behalf of your queen and country!