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Week 1

What a fantastic first week back to school we have had! We were told on Monday morning that as part of our new topic we were about to begin training to become fully fledged spies. On Monday our first test was to solve a complex murder case by using 4 key clues. We spent the afternoon learning about  the law as it's important as spies we know the difference between right and wrong. 


Tuesday started off by us using our spy skills to find out about the lives of many members of staff at WGE. Our budding spies had to distract a member of staff and then take items from their bin without being caught. These items were then used to help the children find useful information before returning them to the bin without the owner realising. 


In literacy we have started watching the gripping music video 'Titanium' by David Guetta. We are using this to produce a piece of writing telling the story of the boy in the video.


In maths we have started working with fractions and are already confident in simplifying large fractions to their lowest possible numerator and denominator.