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Week 1

What an exciting week back we have had! It may have only been a short one, but we have managed to fit lots in!


To start our week off, we arrived in the classroom to find we had had another visitor. This time the visitor had left muddy footprints around the classroom. We had to find out who it was! Miss Benbow received a message explaining that the visitors had hidden clues around school. We took it in turns in groups to explore around school with our magnifying glasses and look for clues. We eventually found 5 words, that became the question 'Can you crack the code?' We wondered what this could have meant, what code were they talking about? Soon enough Miss Benbow received another message to say that there was something in her top drawer for us. It was a code breaker activity full of mathematical problems and questions. We had to solve it! We worked in our teams and uncovered a secret message. 'WE ARE THE WILD THINGS' was the uncovered message. We were all so shocked! Why had they come to see us? On Wednesday Miss Benbow had found a letter in her drawer, congratulating our perseverance on cracking the code. The Wild Things had left us a special book, that has now become our Guided Reading and writing focus. 


What a week!

Have a lovely weekend, Miss Benbow and Miss Hunt smiley 



Bonnie- I liked when the Wild Things came into our classroom and describing them in my writing.

Haleema- I liked cracking the code to find out who had been in our classroom in Maths. 

Jason- I loved looking for the clues for the code around school.