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Messages from Mrs. Travis

Hello to all my lovely Year 3 children and families.

First of all, I hope you are all feeling OK but if you are not talk about it to your families.

The next couple of months, maybe longer, are going to be very different to our normal daily lives but it is going to be OK if we keep ourselves safe and our families and friends too.  It is important we listen to the leaders of our country and take their advice. 

There is nothing wrong in playing out in your back gardens with your family to get some fresh air.  But, please do take care of everyone around you and now more than ever we all have to be kinder to the people that we live with.


Unfortunately, I will not be able to see a lot of you face to face, but like I said I will phone you regularly to check how you are coping at home. 

It is going to be a very different learning experience for you and a very different teaching experience for me.  Please remember even though I can't see most of you I am thinking of each and everyone of you.


I have very much enjoyed teaching you so far and enjoyed the topics we have done.  I have your best interests at heart and I want you all to do well in your learning and progress.  I will think of and provide you with different differentiated learning tasks on this page (like the challenges we work through in maths). 


You can choose which challenges you want to do and they will appear soon.

(Remember you have lots of things to practise in the Home Learning packs).


Remember to keep safe and well.  Hopefully, we will see you all very soon and that I will get to teach you again face-to-face soon. 


Love Mrs. Travis