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Week 1 updates ...

What a fantastic first week back we have had! 


We have set off our writing by exploring newspaper articles. We have had a look at newspapers and have been talking about key words that we can identify in newspapers such as; headline; introduction; by-line; photos and captions. We have been discussing why newspaper articles are different from our story books as they are usually in columns. 


In our maths we have moved on to dividing a two digit by one digit. The method that we are moving towards in year 3 is a brand new concept to the children and they have responded and adapted so well, we are so pleased by the progress they are making in their maths. We have also been having daily times tables tests. For the rest of the year we will be regularly testing the children on their times tables to encourage accuracy and speed in these. 


Our topic certainly got off with a 'bang' during our WOW starter. We looked at the Earth's make up and have carried out our own experiments of volcanoes and earthquakes. The children absolutely loved it. Maddox said his volcano eruption was like a river! 


Our music is really coming along too - the children have now moved on and are  learning to play Bob Marley's Three little birds on the recorder. The children played this for me at the end of their lesson and it was absolutely fantastic! 


Hope you enjoy a selection of the photos! 

Have a lovely weekend :)