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Week 6

This week has been super busy. Have a read of what the children have said they have learnt and enjoyed this week...


"We have been painting pictures in the painting area for Valentines day"- Macie 

"We made dinosaur skeletons in the Make-It area" - Harry B 

"Made a dinosaur in the playdough area. We used spaghetti to make the bones and spikes." - Holly 

" I made a cube with polydron" - Igor 

" We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes in Reception" - Reception

" I did green blue green blue patterns" - Scarlett


We finished off the half term doing our weekly mile walk and having milk whilst enjoying the sun!







This weeks dinosaur winners are...



Holly (Predictor)                              Ethan (Pridosaur)                               Liam (Explorosaurus)



Ruby (Solvosaurus)                     Bobby(Tryceratops)                         Billy (Pretendactyl)



The ALWAYS child this week is...