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Week 5

Ahoy Matey! We were so excited to see Captain Blackbeard's pirate ship on our way in to school on Monday. Miss Smith had gone to see Captain Blackbeard and he said that he was expecting a letter back from the children. We have done a lot of work on letters this week, learning about the features of an informal letter and began to write our letters to Captain Blackbeard to invite him to a pirate party. In maths we have been learning about doubles and how we can write them as additions e.g. double 2 is the same as 2+2=4. We have also continued to show RESPECT and we wrote a messages on a card to the school cook to thank her for her tasty meals. Take a look at our very own plastic pirate ships, they are so colourful and much better than the paper ones that we made last week because they are waterproof!  


A massive well done to the children for all of their efforts this week, keep it up! Have a great weekend and we will see you Monday smiley