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Week 6

This week we have read a story called the Queen's Knickers. It was great to see how much you all enjoyed it and how you were excited to do the activities based around the story. You all worked so hard designing your VIP knickers and describing them. I was very proud of the writing produced to convince the Queen to purchase your knickers and reporting on the missing knickers. In Maths,  was great to see how well you remember 2D and 3D shapes. I know some of the 3D shapes were a little bit tricky but after completing the activities throughout the week we  made great progress. Finally, a massive well done for the news broadcasts, they were a real treat to watch and you all did a great job.


I hope you have a lovely half term and get plenty of rest. I cant wait to tell you all about our next topic - it is so exciting! 


Presentation Award: Olivia 

Math Magician: Bobby, Robin

Home Learning Award: Rayyaan, Logan