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Week 4

What another busy week it has been in our wonderful year 2 classroom!


Please have a look at the different activities we have been getting up to:


I enjoyed cutting out and making my friendship poem - Isabel, Harley, Caitlyn, Gracie, Lucas and Scarlett.

I liked going into the Life Bus - Evie, Louie, Sebastian, Lily, Leo and Reggie.

I liked writing my story about the animals picture - Jaycie, Lexi, Cole, Elise and Yaseen.

I liked writing my recount about the Life Bus - Georgie, Max, Joseph and Cobey.

I enjoyed learning how many days were in each month of the year - Yaseen

I enjoyed learning about Harold and his friends in the Life Bus - Leyton

I liked it when we got to stroke Harold the giraffe - Owen

I enjoyed learning about the body and it's organs with Tam the doll - Summaya and Eva.

I liked working on my fractions - Warrick, Aadam and Rafael.