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Week 5

We are now back from a fantastic week at Robinwood, stretching ourselves and stepping way outside our comfort zones. Instead of the adults writing the weekly update this week we thought it was only fair that the children had some input. This is what a few of them had to say about such a good week. 


The thing I enjoyed most about Robinwood was certainly the rock climbing. This is because there were different challenges to complete and it was so much fun. I also liked taking part in the famous Robinwood 'sky dive' where you jump off your handmade raft into the freezing cold lake. 


Milly -Ann


At Robinwood we climbed a big hill and then went to our dormitories where we had to make our own beds ! We got to choose what we wanted to eat for both Breakfast and tea. The trapeaze was also pretty scary and so was the giant swing. I had an amazing time and would happily go back again. 


Harry S


I really enjoyed the Big Swing. On that we had to go on a seat and be attached to a metal bar. You can go to medium height or the top height. I went to the highest. The rest of the group had to pull a rope to help me reach the height. You then had to pull on a knight to release yourself and allow you to fly. I didn't enjoy the caving as much because I don't like closed dark spaces. I was also the leader of the nightline group. This is where you are blindfolded and follow a rope whilst attempting an obstacle course.