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Spring 1

Welcome back and a happy new year to all !


This half term we need stealth like skills as we become spies for the half term. There are lots of important missions for us to undertake so please refer to our class page each week for our weekly updates. 


This half term will see Year 6 turn into newspaper reporters as they have to report on the death of Alex Riders's uncle. They will have to work hard to continually make improvements to their writing. Good luck recruits!! We will then plan and write out very own Alex Rider spy stories using all the learning we have done this year so far.


Now as part of our spy school missions we have to have a excellent understanding of electricity in order to infiltrate key buildings and locations. We will work through a range of missions where we will build on our prior learning of circuits and solve a range of problems. 

We will also need to use our Geography skills to be able to operate as spies in different parts of the world. We will learn about Latitude and Longitude, key mountain ranges and examine how industrial areas play a key role in the world economy. 


Be aware though you may have to sign the official secrets act !