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Wacky Week One



What a week and what an amazing start we have had in Year 4! 

We began the week with our WOW starter, it was a smelly one (as i imagine you have already heard). We began by testing our knowledge and labelling parts of the digestive system. Next we made our very own POO! (not a real one of course). We predicted which cereal would be best to use. We used our hands to snap up the cereal like our incisors and then used our grinding skills to grind down the cereal like our molars. Then we added warm water and mixed it all up like our stomach does, eurgh! When it was ready we placed it into a sandwich bag and pushed it all out onto a paper towel, this made us all feel a little bit queasy. Later on this week we have also been investigating a strange smell that seems to be lingering around school... I wonder what could be leaving this disgusting odour? 


Please keep your eye out here for our Nandos homework and new spellings which will be uploaded ready for next week. 


Have a lovely weekend! 


Miss Benbow and Year 4 smiley