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Week 1 updates

Well … we have had a super week to this new half term! 


On Monday, we had our WOW starter which saw us take part in our very own Bushtucker trials! We split into 4 teams and had to take part in a range of challenges including, The Last Gasp and Trauma Tank! The children were brilliant, I'm sure you heard all about it on Monday night! 


In our topic this week, we have been looking at climate zones using an atlas to help us. We saw that the tropical rainforests were along the Equator and near the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, the hottest places on earth.


In guided reading and writing this week we have been looking at Remembrance Day. In guided reading, we have been looking at the video on the Christmas truce, and had to wait till Friday to see how the video ended. 


Finally (!), we managed to squeeze in a Science afternoon on Thursday. We spoke about elements of scientific enquiry and carried out our own experiments, ensuring we were only going to change one variable to make it a fair test. 


Have a lovely weekend 

Mrs Harris