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Week 3 updates

Have we really done another week already! 


In our writing this week, we have been looking at information leaflets. We have been able to explore the features of a leaflet, as well as picking out what we like about leaflets and what we don't like. We have been able to think about what purpose leaflets serve, why they are good and the level of information you can get from them. 


In our maths this week we have been looking at a new method for multiplication for 2 digits and 1 digit. The children have been shown various methods and now know why we say times tables are so important to know off by heart! The children have been given a multiplication grid for those who aren't confident yet with their times tables,  but please can they be learning them at home still too!


We had some fun activities on Friday for Red Nose Day! We took part in a danceathon, lolathon and soke about the important work the charity does for others that are less fortunate than ourselves! 


Next week, don't forget, we will be performing our poems at Oldham Collesium on Friday 22nd March - letter was sent out with the reports.


Have a lovely weekend