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Autumn 1 - Forensic Science Reading / Writing Week

 Our hook into this week was a forensic science session, investigating a crime scene.  We used all the clues, including DNA, finger prints, foot prints etc. to work out who had committed the crime.

Following this, we have been working really hard to create our end product - a narrative playscript.  We started the week by refering back to Macbeth and how the plot builds up to Macbeth murdering Banquo.

Following this, we thought and decided repeating this but with a modern day scenario, so we came up with some possible crimes that could be committed.  We've used a lot of freeze framing to build up a plot / reason as to why this crime might be committed, without writing about the actual crime itself. 

Finally we used all our knowledge to write group playscripts to demonstrate the plot building up to our scenario.
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