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Year 6 Bag Packing - June 2013

Did we raise money for our Year 6 prom?  YES, WE DID!!

How fantastic are you - well done to all those that came and supported our class.  You were so polite to members of the public, learnt how to pack those bags, with the heavy items at the bottom and bread / eggs at the top, smiled at everyone and laughed and joked along wtih customers.  By using these skills, together with being able to explain why you were there, you were able to raise such a large amount of money!

Comments from the customers:

"The two boys on that aisle were really helpful and packed my bag really well" (Rowan and Callum)

"What lovely manners that young girl has" (Lucy)

And many many more comments were made.

p.s. a special mention goes to 'Peter the pineapple' - our best donation of the day, which Lucy and Katie collected - good work girls!!