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Week 4

Independent Learning Challenges

Antarctic Explorers!

Our classroom became a very treacherous place to be this week as we jumped on the Endeavour and travelled back in time.  We were Ernest Shackleton’s crew on a mission to reach the South Pole.  We found out it was a hard and dangerous mission, but like true explorers, we battled on to find out what it would have been like to be part of the team. 

We also finished reading the lovely story “Lost and Found” by Oliver Jeffers.  We enjoyed thinking about the theme of the book – loneliness and friendship, and we used our imagination to put ourselves in the shoes of the boy and the penguin.  We produced some lovely and thoughtful writing to share our inferences. 

We are now taking a short break from our Independent Learning Challenges as we practise for our Christmas concert and concentrate on our focused learning.  Learning Challenges will be back in the new year.

Next week we are thinking about what the boy and the penguin did on the way to the South Pole, and what they would write in a postcard on their adventure.