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Week 3

How are we nearly at the end of another busy week in year 6? 

The attitude to learning they are showing at the moment is excellent. In our maths we are have moved onto looking at coordinates which is an essential skill for a spy to have. 


In writing we are continuing to work hard on some tricky GPS questions whilst continuing our writing based around the music video 'Titanium by David Guetta'. 


We also this week had a session with Mr Hollingsworth looking at our aspirations and how we could potentially get there. This included a coaching session in which we had to identify our own individual qualities which would help us in the future. 


Our spy missions continued when we have to locate famous deserts around the world. In our pre-learning some of the child asked how spies would survive in the desert so we had an extra mission to research and answer this question. 


IN PE we are developing our badminton skills, we are now becoming really confident with hitting the shuttle over the net. 


For our guided reading we are working with the book  'Alex Rider- Stormbreaker'.