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Week 3

On Monday, we started with our Viking experience. They absolutely loved the Viking man who visited us, sharing his sagas, artifacts and knowledge. They took to the battlefield (the hall) and split into 2 teams - Anglo Saxons Vs Vikings. I've attached lots of pictures of how involved the children were but please ask them about it, as we were so proud of them. 


In our History, the children have been looking at lots of dates and placing them chronologically in a timeline to understand the significant events that took place during this period of time. 


They took part in a science investigation looking at friction on Wednesday. They thought about fair testing and how they could make their results the most reliable. They then tested a range of different floor materials, recording the amount of time it took the car to reach the bottom. They worked great in their teams and evaluated their results at the end. 


This Friday is the Year 5 sleepover. Please see the letter on the Year 5 page to check all the details but the main information I have listed below.

Drop off at school between 6:00pm - 6:30pm

Collect from school (Sat) 8:30am - 9:00am


Children need to bring with them a sleeping bag (if they don't have a sleeping bag they can bring a duvet and a pillow), nightwear to change into, toothbrush and toothpaste.


They do not need to bring airbeds, as we will be putting mats out in the rooms that the children are sleeping in.


If they can return to school in clothes that can be worn for the outdoors, they can then change back into these clothes the morning after. If they need to bring a teddy or something that they usually sleep with, then this is absolutely fine.


No electronics are to be brought back to school. If children require medication, then please bring this with them and hand this into myself or Mrs Conway so we can record the information.


We cannot wait and have a fun night planned for them all to take part in.


Enjoy your weekend 


Mrs Walker






Viking experience pictures