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Week 2

Brilliant Books!

Year 1 have had a great time this week deepening our understanding of Where the Wild Things Are, and practising songs ready for our Princess and the Pea concert.  Year 1 love stories and books, World Book Day was a brilliant way to spend Thursday!  The children (and parents!) had such imaginative ideas for words and costumes.  Year 1 and 2 worked together on activities around Charlie Cook's Favourite Book by Julia Donaldson, and Year 1 were brilliant teachers as they showed Year 2 how to make pop up mechanisms!  Year 1 also teamed up with Year 4 and shared books together.  A great day was had by all!


Next week Year 1 are launching a fundraiser for their charity The Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.  Look out for details next Thursday.  


Have a lovely weekend.