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Take Over Day! 11/11/11


We had 3 visitors in Year 4 who told us all about their very exciting Jobs.We got to ask them lots of questions and they were really friendly and informative. 

Gerald Brierley from Oldham Community Radio

We listened to his life story, which was really interesting. Then we listened to the radio. And if that wasn't enough Mr Brierley recorded us on his machine and we, YES US, will be on Oldham radio! WOW! He made his job seem so interesting and appealing!

Cliff Walton from an advertising company

We had such and interesting conversation about the creative world of advertising. It was a real surprise learning all about adverts and where they come from. Mr Walton taught us valuable lessons about working hard, trying your best and he showed us some of his superb creations. We will be looking out for them in shops very soon.

Eamon from the Oldham Advertiser

We see newspapers every day so it was a great experience to hear how they are made and how many people it takes to fill 80 pages. He was really funny. We enjoyed talking about articles we had read and how nosey you should be if you want to become a journalist.

They were such wonderful speakers who told us so much about their jobs. Why they do it, how long they've done it for and what they love most about it. Thanks to Take over day we can now imagine many more opportunities and proffesions to work towards as we grow!