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Week 3

Hi everyone!


This week was anti-bullying week. Our focus in Year 4 was cyber bullying. We talked and discussed a lot about social media and online gaming and how great these platforms can be, but also how they can sometimes be unsafe. The children have been great at participating and were able to identify possible dangers of gaming and social media.  We talked about the ages for different types of social media and lots of the children were quite shocked to learn that for the majority of apps the age restriction is 13+!


We worked together to come up with 5 top tips for keeping safe online.  Have a look at our ideas and tips below! 

  1. Don't talk to/reply to strangers. 
  2. Always tell an adult if something is troubling you or makes you feel funny/uncomfortable.
  3. Do not give your password to anyone else.
  4. Never wear uniform or give out personal information about yourself online.
  5. Only use trusted websites.