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Continuing our Primary Engineering...

Primary Engineering
Year 6 are continuing with the Primary Engineering project, with a focus on making the body of the car.  It has been extremely tricky for both pupils and me, thinking through the steps we need to take to come out with a car body.

We looked at car templates already completed and constructed the cars from these templates.  Pupils could then understand how to make the roof, sides, front and back bumper.  Pupils then designed their own car and tried to turn these into a car template.  Some of these were successful, some of these weren't... a new tack was needed!

Following this, we have begun making the nets of cuboids that fit on to the top of the car, with difficulties arising from making it 1-2mm larger in all directions so that it could sit around the car and not on top.  Some are still working on this and some have managed this and are beginning to apply their own design to the cuboid template.