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Week 2

Wow we've had an incredibly busy week. 


We have been focusing on extending our vocabulary in Maths and really understanding words that we keep coming across like the inverse and fact families. They have continued to use this knowledge to support their learning this week, checking their answers and moving through different challenges.


We started our new book, 'Vlad and the Great Fire of London' and are using this to help us write a diary entry from Vlad's perspective. We have used a range of techniques to try and help us and one which the children love is hot seating. We picked some children to come up and pretend to be Vlad, the others loved questioning them on the events but more importantly his feelings. 


In History, we have been comparing present London to London in 1666 and as you can imagine the children were very shocked to find out how dirty and behind the times it was. There were many questions and we could have spent the whole week discussing it. 


They made their poppies this week to plant in the Remembrance Garden ahead of the service on Thursday. We cannot tell you how proud the children made us feel on Thursday, they had so much respect and listened to the lovely words that the Year 6 children shared.